Our MAJOR Projects


Project #2 The Proposed NEW 22 Freeway DIGITAL Billboard Sign

Local Car Dealerships want to put a huge billboard sign up in the Ice Rink parking lot off of Garden Grove Blvd. This sign will be a nuisance to residents around that center as well as Garden Grove residents on the other side of the freeway. 


Project #1 Milton Project

Developer is wanting to build 24 unit, three story, high density, AHA low income apartments on a small- highly traveled street.  This area has on street parking problems, dangerous blind curved streets, traffic, narrow sections of street PLUS an emergency fire service station that needs quick access when exiting (among other apparent issues).


Project Signage and Notification



Most residents don't know what is happening in their neighborhood and on their street.  Many of these construction projects affect the lives of the residents and their home property values.    

The city sends out a Public Notice to residents a few days before a Public Hearing and in some cases a small 

8 1/2 x 11 flyer is posted on a stick in the ground on the property.  Can you read the above notice?

The residents have a right to transparency in this city and a right to voice their opinions on a project- either for or against.  The city planners and council do not operate in a vacuum.  It's not all about the money, high density and hidden projects.

Project Signage and Notification



We are requesting is a sign similar to the City of Fontana public notifications.  A 4 x 8 sign is posted by the builder and it has all the city details about the project.  It is installed when the application to modify the property is accepted and comes down when the project is completed.  Have any questions?  The info you need is clear and transparent.

Who opposes transparency signage like this?  We believe the city planning department is in opposition to this transparency.  We also believe some in favor of the big builders and campaign donors are in opposition.  The mindset is- the less the public knows, the easier it is to slip these controversial projects in past the residents.  How many of you know about the multi story Carvana project?  It can been seen from more than 500' away.  

Project Signage and Notification



Any project that requires a discretionary approval, either by the Director of Community Development or the Planning Commission, requires a project filing notification sign.  For example, the construction of five or more residential units would require a Design Review approval and would require the posting of a sign.  

Other examples of applications requiring discretionary approval are conditional use permits, minor use permits, administrative design review, and tentative parcel/tract maps (subdivisions).  The applicant is responsible for both installation and removal.  The cost is miniscule compared to other costs- maybe $200 maximum to have a sign built and posted?  Why would anyone oppose this?

Typically, the public hearing notices are also required to be added to the sign once the hearing is scheduled.  

Trash Cans



Unfortunately, many residents are leaving their trash cans on the street for days after their trash day has passed and the trash trucks have picked up and emptied the cans.  Not only does this make the neighborhood look bad, it also takes up valuable parking spaces.

Maybe some of our residents don't realize this.  Maybe all it takes is a Westminster reminder notice posted or a Westminster flyer sent out to the residents.  Not everyone pours through reading all the new and old regulations and ordinances.

Trash Cans



In addition, when pulled from the street to the homes- some residents leave the trash cans in public view from the street. This also adds a lower quality level to our neighborhoods and lack of pride, in the opinions of some.  

Certain residents seemed to be targeted by code enforcement and others are not.  Why is that?  

There should be a consistent policy for both trash can removal from the streets and trash cans hidden from view for ALL residents. 

Trash Cans



 Westminster: ORDINANCE 53: Remove trash containers from the street within twelve (12) hours of service. CONTAINERS MUST BE STORED OUT OF PUBLIC VIEW. Please call Westminster (714)898-3311 extension 256 for enforcement of this ordinance.


Midway City: OCCO 4-3-45(d) Garbage Cans: Residential solid waste containers shall be placed adjacent to the public highway, or curb thereon, not earlier than twenty-four (24) hours before collection is scheduled and REMOVED THEREFROM NOT LATER THAN TWENTY-FOUR (24) HOURS AFTER COLLECTION.

Midway City Sanitary District (714) 893-3553


DO you have any tips to investigate, concerns or city issues? Remain completely anonymous. We appreciate your help, comments and advice...